Monday, October 12, 2015

Irvington Continues to Expand 'Healthy Corner Stores' Program

Irvington, New Jersey: Although Irvington is one of the largest municipalities in Essex County, historically, there have been few places for residents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. That is beginning to change as part of a new program in the township. The program, called the Healthy Corner Stores Initiative, is part of Mayor Tony Vauss' Wellness Campaign, and is being funded by the New Jersey Department of Health, according to the township. As part of the program, several corner stores, bodegas, and delis in Irvington have agreed to sell fruits and vegetables to customers. Nine stores are currently part of the program. These stores may see an increase in customers should no company purchase the Pathmark Supermarket in Irvington's South Ward, which could close otherwise. Click here to learn more.

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