Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Report: Mayor Baraka Criticizes Reporting of NJTV News Correspondent

Newark, New Jersey: City Mayor Ras Baraka called out the reporting of NJTV News correspondent David Cruz at 'The Summit II, Redefining Public Safety' event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center today, according to The political website reported that Mayor Baraka criticized a term used by Cruz regarding the recent 24 Hours of Peace event.

This is not the first time that Mayor Baraka has criticized Cruz's reporting. The two have conversed on Twitter several times regarding it.

Cruz tweeted in August that Mayor Baraka was not "answering direct questions from press", to which Baraka responded in part that he had conducted "at least four interviews with serious reporters". 

One day earlier, after Cruz tweeted that "some would rather [that] you not see" a video about a press conference regarding a donation that was supposed to be given to the Newark Puerto Rican Day Parade, Mayor Baraka responded in part by tweeting "lol God Bless you" and "the national enquirer is hiring", referring to the tabloid publication.

Earlier that month, Mayor Baraka tweeted that he "missed" Cruz at the Occupy the City event, and hoped that NJTV would attend the 24 Hours of Peace event. In addition, when Cruz questioned whether recent Newark violence was "a media exaggeration", Mayor Baraka responded on Twitter by saying "i think the only one that said that was you".

When Cruz tweeted in June that Mayor Baraka had a "muted response" to changes in Newark school leadership, Mayor Baraka responded in part by saying "still trying to get ratings. Keep pushing", to which Cruz responded in part by saying "Maybe u need to up your communications game?" Baraka then tweeted that Cruz "wouldnt dare come to" a recent Town Hall meeting, to which Cruz responded "Dare? I've been covering the city while you were still in college, sir". The conversation ended with Mayor Baraka saying that Cruz has "been doing an awesome job", telling him that he is appreciated by Newarkers. "All in service of the city I love, your honor. I appreciate them - and you - too", concluded Cruz.

Essex County Place emailed questions to representatives from Mayor Baraka's office in August regarding these tweets, but has not received a response.

NJTV News opened a studio at 2 Gateway Center in Newark in May. Mayor Baraka had been scheduled to speak at the event, but he arrived after the speeches concluded.


Top Photo: Mayor Baraka, second from right, at the grand opening of the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio.

Above: Cruz, left, at the grand opening of the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio

Above: Mayor Baraka, third from left, and Cruz, fourth from left, at the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio grand opening

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