Monday, August 25, 2014

GlassRoots to Hold Glassblowing Demonstration

The first GlassRoots glassblowing demonstration will take place on Tuesday from 12pm until 2pm at the Military Park Farmers Market in Downtown Newark. Visitors to the market can observe the GlassRoots portable glass studio, and learn about hot glass making processes. The portable studio features a furnace which can reach up to 2,100 degrees. 

"The art of glassblowing is too often hidden, available to those who have the time and financial resources to experience it", said Katie Witzig, Chief Operating Officer of GlassRoots. "We are bringing it out into the open air. The creation of a portable hot shop brings the ancient art form of glassblowing to the general public". 

The farmers market takes place at Military Park every Tuesday from 10am until 4pm. Regular programs at Military Park include historical tours, chess, board games, ping pong, tai chi, a reading room, lunchtime poetry, and yoga and Zumba lessons. All programs are free. The park is located at the corner of Broad Street and Park Place.located at the corner of Broad Street and Park Place.

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