Tuesday, April 1, 2014

South Orange Residents Encouraged to Participate in 'Project Gaslight'

South Orange Trustee Sheena Collum has announced an event on Thursday April 3rd called 'Project Gaslight'. The event will be sponsored by the South Orange Citizens Public Safety Committee, and is currently looking for volunteers. According to Trustee Collum, the goal of the event is to "create a comprehensive inventory of the gaslight outages".

"Improved lighting can help prevent crime and also make for a much more enjoyable experience for pedestrians, particularly as the weather warms up and more residents are out and about after sundown", said Trustee Collum.

Participants will scour the village searching for gaslights which are either completely or partially out. Once participants find gaslights with outages, they will use the SOConnect app, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices, to report them to the village and PSE&G. Trustee Collum said that "PSE&G is notified immediately when the request is submitted and at the end of this event, we will have a full listing of all of the gaslights that are out so we can track and confirm that PSE&G has fixed them". 

Volunteers will meet at 6PM at the South Orange Village offices conference room on the third floor of 76 South Orange Avenue.  Pizza and light refreshments will be served. Village officials will review the SOConnect app with volunteers. Afterwards, volunteers will be divided into groups, and each group will be assigned to a certain area of South Orange. 

Those who are interested in volunteering should RSVP to Trustee Collum at scollum@southorange.org.