Friday, April 11, 2014

Maplewood DPW Asks Jitney Riders to Complete Survey

The Maplewood Department of Public Works is asking that Maplewood commuters complete a brief survey on the township website regarding the Maplewood Jitney service. 

"Being that people can pay $1.00 to ride the bus instead of purchasing a pass, it is hard to an accurate count of how many people use this service", Maplewood DPW director Eric Burbank told South Orange Maplewood Place.

The survey asks questions regarding how often residents use the jitney, which jitney route and train they use, and whether or not the jitney is usually on-time. 

"The commuters should take the survey so I can have better feedback and make adjustments where needed so to provide them with the best service possible", said Burbank.

The survey will be available until 9pm on Sunday, April 13. Only one survey may be completed per Jitney user.