Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Photos of the Day 3/27/18

This hidden 20-room mansion on private Beverly Road in West Orange was once home to Newark "Jewish Mafia" boss Abner Zwillman, also known as "Longie." FBI files show that when another local mob boss, Richard Boiardo, whose Livingston estate was featured in yesterday's Photo of the Day, was incarcerated in the 1930s, "many members of the so-called Boiardo mob went over to the Zwillman mob. As a result of this, Al Capone reportedly came to Newark to straighten out the differences between Boiardo and Zwillman."

According to the New Jersey Jewish News, Zwillman died in the house in 1959 "under mysterious circumstances." Whether he took his own life or was murdered has long been debated.