Monday, March 26, 2018

Photos of the Day 3/26/18

These photos show the former mansion in Livingston of Richard Boiardo, best known as "Richie the Boot," as viewed from Beaufort Avenue and Twilight Court. Before passing away 34 years ago, Boiardo was one of Newark's best known mob bosses and was involved in Mayor Addonizio's corruption scandal. The property is among the largest in suburban Essex County and remains in the Boiardo family, according to NJ Parcels. The words "R. Boiardo Farm" and the address of the house are still inscribed into the front gates and several sculptures can be seen from the street.

Boiardo's family largely inspired The Sopranos, according to the New York Post and New Jersey Monthly. A prequel to the show, The Many Saints of Newark, will soon be released by David Chase.