Wednesday, December 17, 2014

County Contracted for Livingston Express Shuttle Service

Starting on January 2, the County of Essex will be contracted to operate the Livingston Express Shuttle Service, which operates on weekdays between the Livingston Mall and the South Orange Train Station.  According to the Livingston Township website, the current fares and schedules will remain the same. However, riders will be required to pay the $2.00 one way fare with exact change, or purchase a monthly pass for $70.00. Shuttle drivers will not be permitted to handle cash, and the township will be responsible for emptying the fare box. Transdev, a private French transportation company, will operate the shuttle service for Essex County, replacing State Shuttle of Jefferson Township. 

The contract with Essex County was approved by the Livingston Township Council on Monday, and is scheduled to expire in three years. 

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