Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pedestrians Injured After Car Accident in Maplewood Village

First on Two pedestrians were injured after being struck by a car in Maplewood Village on Saturday night. Sgt. Niheema Gary of the Maplewood Police Department tells South Orange Maplewood Place that at approximately 9:40PM on Saturday March 29th, a driver was driving on Maplewood Avenue near Inwood Place (161 Maplewood Avenue) when they allegedly backed up, striking two pedestrians who were in the street. The pedestrians, a 49 year old female and a 51 year old male, were brought to University Hospital in Newark for treatment. According to Sgt. Gary, their injuries are not life threatening.

Sgt. Gary said that the 21 year old driver remained at the scene of the accident and received two citations.