Sunday, October 23, 2016

PHOTOS: Clinton and Trump Hold Rallies in Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Both of the leading presidential candidates came to rallies in Southeastern Pennsylvania this weekend that were attended by thousands of people.

Republican Donald Trump spoke at an event at an athletic club in the suburban Bucks County township of Newtown on Friday evening. Topics addressed by Trump ranged from immigration to Common Core, and he also discussed manufacturing in the region, stating that "just a few miles from here, there's a famous bridge that says Trenton Makes, The World Takes. Under a Trump administration, I can promise you we are going to start making things in America again." At one point, after making claims regarding crime rates in the country, Trump said "you don't hear that from these dishonest people back there, meaning the media, look at them", at which point the entire crowd turned around and booed, chanting ''CNN sucks" and other lines.

The following evening, both Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and vice-presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine took the stage 30 miles south on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, with the Center City skyline in the background. Clinton, speaking outdoors on one of the coldest nights of the season, mentioned mass incarceration, the economy, higher education, and other issues. Additional speakers included candidates for Pennsylvania state offices and Katie McGinty, a candidate to represent Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.

One of the 7,000 attendees at Clinton's rally was resident Michael Grant, best known as Philly Jesus, who told Essex County Place that having events like this in Philadelphia is "nice", but that he is "on the fence" about which candidate he supports.

Above: Donald Trump speaks in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Above: Audience members protest the media at Donald Trump's Newtown, Pennsylvania rally

Above: Trump speaks to attendees in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Above: Donald Trump's speech was broadcasted live from Newtown, Pennsylvania

Above: Hillary Clinton waves to rally attendees in Philadelphia

Above: Senator Tim Kaine speaks at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

Above: Attendees watch Senator Tim Kaine and Secretary Hillary Clinton in front of the Philadelphia skyline

Above: Hillary Clinton watches as Senator Tim Kaine speaks in Philadelphia

Above: Secretary Hillary Clinton speaks to the crowd in Philadelphia

Above: Secretary Hillary Clinton spoke in Philadelphia at approximately 10:00pm after speaking in Pittsburgh earlier in the day

Above: An attendee takes a photo as Hillary Clinton speaks in Philadelphia

Above: Philly Jesus leaves Hillary Clinton's rally

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