Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CHS Security Supervisor: "Response was Excellent"

The Columbia High School security supervisor told Essex County Place that the response to Monday's lockdown by security officers from U.S. Security Associates was "excellent". 

The Maplewood school was under 'Code Red' lockdown for one hour and 40 minutes after a staff member called the Maplewood Police Department to report that a weapon was present in the building. A student was later arrested in a classroom for allegedly bringing brass knuckles to school, and an 18 year old man was charged with trespassing.

"I hate that it happened, but the response was excellent", said the supervisor, who declined to give his name. He explained that all school security officers are state licensed, and train on school breaks at the U.S. Security Associates office in Clifton. He added that school security officers meet regularly with school administrators to prepare for situations such as this. 

The supervisor also noted that when the lockdown alarm was activated, students inside the building did "an excellent job" clearing the hallways. However, he felt that students and parents outside of CHS should have followed instructions to keep away from the building.

U.S. Security Associates is contracted by the South Orange Maplewood School District for uniformed security management at CHS. 

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